Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The price of crude oil in the world market fell to 105 dollars per barrel

The price of crude oil per barrel in the world market has come down to 105 dollars again. Crude oil prices continue to fluctuate.

The price of US crude oil WTI per barrel has increased to 97 dollars, 33 cents. Malaysian palm oil fell 47 dollars, 15 cents to 831 dollars, 71 cents per ton, while wheat rose 11 euros to 350 euros.

Gold and silver rates fell in the global market. Gold fell $1.10 to $1,712 an ounce, silver dropped 54 cents to $18.66 an ounce.

On the other hand, after the improvement in the value of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, a decline has been seen. Bitcoin lost $173 to $22,921, while Ethereum rose $2.37 to $1,567.



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