Thursday, August 18, 2022

The Prime Minister announced a reduction in the prices of petroleum products

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif announced a major reduction in the prices of petroleum products.

Addressing the nation, he said that after 12 noon tonight, the price of diesel was being reduced by Rs 40.54 and petrol by Rs 18.50. We will continue to benefit the nation if oil and commodity prices fall in the world markets.

“We put a stone on the heart and increased the prices of petroleum products due to rising oil prices in the world markets. We had no way. If it had, these problems would never have created problems for the people,” he said. ۔

“Oil prices are falling sharply in the global markets now, so today we have the opportunity to reduce the prices of petroleum products and pass on the benefits to you,” he said.

Shahbaz Sharif said that an agreement has also been reached with the IMF and the credit for this goes to Muftah Ismail and his team who succeeded in reaching this agreement after their best efforts.

He said that there are nations in the world who signed the last agreement with the IMF thirty years ago and after that they found new ways and they stood up, shed blood and sweat day and night. He stood on his feet.

I want to tell you today that may God grant us this last agreement with the IMF and we will abide by it sincerely and then stand on our own two feet, self-reliance is the only way that nations It brings dignity, it has to go through thorns.

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“A few months ago, when the government took over, we inherited inflation,” he said.

He said that the previous government had reached an agreement with the IMF on strict terms and as it went away, it had broken its shackles and laid landmines for us.

“The previous government brought down oil prices abruptly and we did not have the money in our coffers to bear the burden,” he said. This was done to get our government in trouble.



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