The Prime Minister Of Azad Kashmir Fired Four Ministers And Advisers For ‘Suspicious Activities’

The Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir fired four ministers and

Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi fired four ministers and an adviser who had brought a no-confidence motion against him.

The sacked ministers include senior ministers Tanveer Ilyas, Abdul Majeed Khan, Khawaja Farooq Ahmed, Ali Shan Sohni and advisor Chaudhry Muhammad Akbar.

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According to the notification, the said ministers have been sacked for misconduct, corruption and suspicious activities.

It may be recalled that on April 12, the 25-member Legislative Assembly of the ruling party in Azad Kashmir had filed a no-confidence motion against Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi.

Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi had met party chairman Imran Khan after a no-confidence motion was filed against him, in which he apprised the party leader of the motives of the no-confidence motion and the conspiracy behind it.

After meeting the party chairman, now the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir has taken big action and sacked four ministers and an advisor, including a senior government minister.

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