Friday, August 12, 2022

The process of the seventh house and census has been postponed

The digital census in this month (August) has been delayed, now the digital census is expected in November this year.

According to the responsible sources of the Federal Institute of Statistics. According to sources, the Federal Bureau of Statistics has also written a letter to the Council of Common Interests in this regard. According to the sources, in the letter written to the Council of Common Interests by the Bureau of Statistics, the census process has been requested to be delayed for three months.

In this regard, the sources say that the delay in the purchase of technical equipment is due to the postponement of the census.

According to responsible sources, 120,000 tablets are yet to be purchased for the digital census, the pilot house and the census report will be prepared by the statistics agency soon.

Sources have said that after the census, the results will be submitted to the Election Commission by March.



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