Monday, August 15, 2022

The robotic nose detects the disease by sniffing

Scientists at Tsinghua University in China are working on a technique to diagnose diseases that can be detected by sniffing chemicals in the breath, sweat, tears and other substances excreted from the body.

Whenever the scent of a perfume or flower is inhaled or the contaminant is inhaled through the nose, the body is actually feeling the volatile biological compounds. These compounds are chemicals that have a low boiling point, so they evaporate quickly.

All biological materials intentionally release these compounds for a variety of purposes, including defense, communication, and reproduction. But these compounds continue to be released as biological processes, including disease identification. This means that each disease has a specific compound that can lead to its diagnosis.

These compounds related to diseases have been released long before people knew about them. These compounds are released even before doctors use blood tests or other diagnostic techniques.

Bringing this idea, called volitolomax, from the laboratory to the market requires a number of disciplines to work together that are not even remotely compatible.

The sooner many major diseases are diagnosed, the easier it is to treat them. Therefore, if researchers and physicians work together to classify specific compounds for different diseases and engineers create devices that can quickly identify these specific symptoms, it could potentially revolutionize the field of medicine.

An added benefit of sniffing disease diagnosis is that existing diagnostic techniques will relieve patients from discomfort.



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