The ruling party of Luchstan split into two factions

The ruling party of Luchstan split into two factions

After the election of Abdul Qudoos Bizenjo in the inter-party elections held yesterday, the ruling party of Balochistan split into two factions.

A meeting of the General Council for Intra-Party Elections was convened by the BAP parliamentary leader in the Balochistan Assembly.

However, former Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Aliani rejected the practice, calling the BAP General Council meeting “illegal” and saying only the party president could convene a meeting of the General Council.

Jam Kamal Aliani said, “I am the party president and I was not consulted for the General Council meeting. The BAP General Council meeting will be held on August 9 in Quetta.” Balochistan Chief Minister Abdul Qaddos Bizenjo Rejecting the position of Kamal Aliani, he convened a meeting of the General Council. The meeting was also attended by party functionaries, members of the Provincial Assembly and members of the General Council.

The party’s founder Senator Saeed Ahmed Hashmi could not attend the meeting due to corona virus.

Senate Chairman Mir Sadiq Sanjarani, Federal Minister Sardar Ahmed Tareen and other party senators attended the meeting.

According to the announcement made by the party, Mir Abdul Qaddos Bizenjo is the elected president of the party as no candidate stood against him during the election while Manzoor Ahmed Qarar has been elected secretary general of the party without any opposition.

Sardar Saleh Bhutani, a senior minister in the local government, was elected provincial president, while Noor Muhammad Damar was elected party general secretary.

After the completion of the election process, Chairman Election Commission Ijaz Sanjarani distributed hats, mufflers and badges among the new officials.

Acting Governor of Balochistan and Chief Organizer of Balochistan Awami Party Mir Jan Muhammad Jamali administered oath to the newly elected official.

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