The son, who wanted to get married, reached the police station with a petition against his father

The son who wanted to get married reached the police

The son, who wanted to get married in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, went to the police station with a petition against his father.

Mahmudullah, 28, of Hangu district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, reached the nearest police station where he requested the district police officer to marry him as his parents were not willing to marry him.

“I am a tube well operator and now I want to get married. I want to avoid sins at this age. My parents do not care about me nor are they looking for a relationship for me,” Mahmudullah said in the petition.

When the police called Mahmoodullah’s father Moin Gul to answer, he said that my son is irresponsible, which father would hand over his daughter to my son?

Moin Gul further said that Mahmudullah harasses me in various ways, takes money from me with friends and then spends it, once he pretended to kidnap with his friends He was also arrested several times.

Police have called both the father and son to the police station to settle their affairs.

According to police, Moin Gul has agreed that if his son Mahmudullah shows responsibility, they are ready to marry him within a month.

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