Monday, August 15, 2022

The tires exploded, there was a hole in the side, but the plane still flew for 14 hours

It is a common fear among people that something will go wrong while traveling in a plane.

But modern-day aircraft are so strong that they can continue to fly, despite minor defects. But the recent incident on a flight from Dubai to Brisbane stunned experts.

The Airbus A380 flew safely from Dubai to Brisbane for 14 hours despite a large hole in the side.

The airline later said the plane’s tires exploded shortly after takeoff, but fortunately no passengers were injured and the plane was able to reach its destination safely.

Dr Jonas Borough, an expert in aviation studies at Kingston University in the UK, said such a situation was not uncommon. “It is likely to happen in one out of every one million cases, it is not what we see every day,” he said.

One passenger claimed to have heard a loud explosion and felt damage on the floor, but the crew remained calm and checked.

According to Dr. Jones, if you are a pilot and hear the explosion, check the plane first, but of course he could not see anything because the hole was out of sight.

There were no sensors or cameras in the area where the hole occurred, so the pilots were convinced that nothing was wrong.

Even after takeoff, there was no debris on the runway at Dubai Airport, which convinced the pilots that they did not have to worry. And of course the safe flight of the plane proved his point.

The airline later said in a statement that the passengers had never been in danger.

The statement said that there was no impact on the fuel or the structure of the aircraft at any time. Dr. Jones explained that pilots could not do much if there was no indication of a malfunction in the system.

In such cases the damage is limited to the upper panel of the aircraft, ie the aircraft is safe to travel.



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