Monday, August 15, 2022

The Tumultuous Session Of The Punjab Assembly Was Adjourned Till June 6

The tumultuous session of the Punjab Assembly was adjourned till June 6. The PML-N members could not get a chance to present a no-confidence motion against the Speaker.

A tumultuous session of the Punjab Assembly was convened today at 12:30 pm. The meeting included a no-confidence motion against the Speaker and Deputy Speaker by the PML-N MLAs, due to which the meeting could not start till 2:15 pm.

Due to the extraordinary circumstances of the meeting, security inside and outside the House was tightened and journalists were barred from entering the Assembly once again.

Earlier, PML-N members were barred from entering the Punjab Assembly, which was protested by the PML-N members, who said that on the orders of Speaker Pervez Elahi, the PML-N members were not allowed to enter. N-League members chanted loudly at the Central Darbar Gate and chanted slogans against the Speaker and Secretary Assembly. He was later allowed to enter the assembly and some journalists were also allowed to enter.

After two o’clock the meeting of the Punjab Assembly began under the chairmanship of Panel of Chairman Wasim Badozai in which the resolution against the Speaker Punjab Assembly was mentioned. The no-confidence motion was not discussed due to the frivolous attitude of the PML-N and its allies.

Panel Chairman Wasim Badozai called on Samiullah several times to move the no-confidence motion but Samiullah was not present in the House to move the no-confidence motion.

The panel of chairmen disposed of the no-confidence motion after no response from the ruling coalition and the meeting was adjourned till June 6 after only nine minutes and the no-confidence motion against the speaker ended on technical grounds.



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