Thursday, August 18, 2022

The wallless hotel is a tourist attraction

Swiss design artists have created a unique hotel without a roof, four walls and amenities and has been dubbed the Zero Star Hotel.

According to hotel owners Patrick and Frank Ricklin, when someone comes to the hotel, they ask him to spend the night in a traditional hotel room or to sleep in the open air. By sleeping in the open air in the style of a savior bed, they can understand global issues or even discuss global epidemics, wars, economic issues and other issues with each other. There are tables and lamps on both sides, but there is no roof over the head and no wall on either side. There is a petrol pump near the bed and a small village nearby. He says the purpose of the hotel is to attract people to global issues rather than to sleep. He says society needs urgent change, including climate change and poverty. On the other hand, the never-ending greed of man has destroyed this planet.

You can spend one night in the open air at the Zero Star Hotel from July 1 to September 18, but the fare is 33 337. However, a waiter provides breakfast and drinks. According to the artists, more such hotels will be opened in other parts of the country.



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