Friday, August 19, 2022

The woman called the police to chase away the spider

When the British woman sought help from the police to drive the spider out of the house, social media users demanded that the woman be fined for wasting police time.

According to foreign media, the West Yorkshire Police of the United Kingdom shared the audio of the woman on the micro-blogging website Twitter in which she is calling the police to drive the spider out of the house.

Police captioned the audio as one of the junk phone calls received on the police emergency helpline 999, which receives about 120 phone calls a day, wasting police time.

In the audio, the woman can be heard calling the emergency number and saying, “You may think I’m crazy, but I called everyone for help, no one came, now you are my last hope.”

The woman told the phone operator, “A big spider has entered my house. Send someone to my house immediately to get it out.”

The phone operator told the woman, “Unfortunately, the police can’t come to her house to get a spider out of the house.”

Sharing the audio on social media, the police appealed to the citizens to call 999 only if your life is in real danger or a crime is being committed against you.

Social media users agreed with the police and demanded a fine for the woman who called the police to repel the spider.



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