Friday, August 19, 2022

The world of Chinese artist’s works

Although Zheng Dai Qian is not very popular in the United States and Europe, his name is held in high esteem in China and its environs, and his masterpieces are now the most expensive in the world.

Zheng is also known as the Picasso of the East, and his paintings have often sold for more than the most famous painter, Vincent van Gogh. His painting, painted in 1947, 40 years after his death, was the most expensive painting to be auctioned in Hong Kong for 47 million.

Then in 2016, some of his paintings were auctioned off and reached the audience for a whopping کروڑ 354 million. Thus the living or the dead became one of the most expensive artists in the world. At this stage, his paintings were also sold at a higher price than Vincent van Gogh.

Mark Johnson of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco says Zheng’s paintings will soon double in value as people in the West become more aware of him and buyers cleverly buy his works at lower prices.



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