Friday, August 19, 2022

The World War II bomber was discovered 80 years later

Experts say a Royal Air Force bomber that crashed in the Mediterranean during World War II 80 years ago has been discovered.

The Martin Baltimore, which crashed in June 1942, was made in the United States but was used by the Royal Air Force.

The plane had four people on board when it crashed into the sea, two of them belonging to the Royal Air Force, one to the Royal Australian Air Force and one to the Royal Canadian Air Force. Officials said the wreckage, discovered in 2016, was preserved in its highest condition, with great historical and symbolic value. However, it was not discussed before full confirmation.

Experts say that no other Martin Baltimore of World War II is in perfect condition.

The ship’s findings are based on a collection of war records, a new survey of the wreckage and the testimony of an eyewitness who witnessed the wreckage 80 years ago.

A statement from the agency said the wreckage of a World War II wreck in the Sicilian seas had not yet been found.

The bomber took off from Lucca Airport in Malta at 12:45 pm on June 15, 1942, but sank at sea due to possible shelling or engine failure.



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