The world’s first quadcopter drone flying at sea is ready

The worlds first quadcopter drone flying at sea is ready

A company called Spare UAV has developed a unique drone that launches from a submarine in the depths of the ocean and first reaches the surface in an airtight capsule and can fly from there to alert the submarine crew to the atmosphere.

Despite all the advantages, submarines are unable to detect the situation at sea, which can be very dangerous at times. Now the Spare UAV company has built several drones, the most innovative of which is the Nanox 103. It can fly up to 45 minutes after launch from a submarine and can spy on an area of ​​10 km.

The most important thing about the Nanox 103 is that it is a silent drone whose thermal and visual signals are not very clear. In addition to visual infrared sensors, it also has an automated target identification system in which artificial intelligence plays an important role. Its communications system has also been kept completely secret.

The same company has also developed cannon-fired drones that come out and open quickly and start flying at the same time.

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