Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The world’s largest aircraft set a new altitude record

The world’s largest test aircraft has set a new altitude record, this time the seventh test flight also tested a newly installed support that was attached to the engine.

A small aircraft attached to this new pillar or support will be released which will fly at five times the speed of sound, however this test will be carried out in the next stages.

This giant machine called Stratolaunch will be used to launch rockets and satellites into the stratosphere instead of humans. Estimate its power by the fact that it has six Boeing engines and is designed to propel hypersonic small aircraft.

The first version was unveiled in 2020, dubbed the Talon One, which is designed for instantaneous, high-speed, repeated flights. It can take off and land on a normal runway. It is now fitted with a small aircraft called the Tao, which weighs 3,600 kilograms and is 14 feet long.

In this way the big plane will stick to the small plane and reach a certain height and speed and then the small plane will be launched from there. On the seventh test flight, it was flown over the famous Mohawe Desert in the United States and reached an altitude of 8200 meters.



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