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There will be no compromise on the authority and right of Parliament: Khawaja Saad Rafiq

Khawaja Saad Rafiq, while holding a press conference with the leaders of other parties after the ruling coalition in Lahore, said that the leaders, chiefs and representatives of all the political parties involved in the government participated where the political, economic and other issues of Pakistan were discussed. went.

He said that the federal government of Pakistan, Punjab government, Sindh government, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government have the right to complete their term.

He said that the federal government will complete its term and will take all measures for the betterment of the country.

Khawaja Saad Rafiq said that the Punjab by-elections are not a measure of the popularity or unpopularity of any party because these 20 seats are such that in 2018, not a single one was won by the Muslim League (N), whether it was PTI or Azad. They were broken and freed under the conspiracy and this conspiracy was prepared for Imran Khan.

He said that 5 seats have been won by Muslim League (N) and allies together and this is our victory. In general, our vote bank has increased by 39% compared to 2018, so why are we going to marry? And what is the storm that does not stop?

They said that this storm that has come will stop and a dam will also be built in front of it, this lie, sedition and conspiracy will be resisted. On the basis of political right, if they leave you on the sting injury, then you call them bad, the action that is in favor of Imran Khan is right and that which is against your will is wrong, then are you washed with milk.

Khawaja Saad Rafiq said that ‘this is a misguided man and has prepared a group of misguided people, this group is present everywhere and some people are not ready to reform themselves’.

He said that it is not possible that a liar who came to power by conspiring and becoming a child Jamura should talk about respecting the vote today, our parties and leaders should know for the upliftment of the constitution and democracy in this country. have been given, jails have been cut, exiles have been cut and financial sacrifices have been made, what has happened to this wanderer?

He said, ‘He has only been wandering about and was the first to bend over Pervez Musharraf’s knees to polish his boots, calls others cherry blossoms and flatters himself from head to toe, always the umpire. have played together with’.

Addressing Imran Khan, he said that he has never played neutrally, since 2011 his boots are being polished to weaken the democratic forces and strengthen this man.

Khawaja Saad Rafiq said that his ‘agenda has not been revealed yet, something has come and something is coming, this person’s deeds of 4 years have brought Pakistan to the threshold of economic bankruptcy. Is’.

He said that ‘we have said before that it would have been better for us to retreat to save our politics, but we did not do it, but in the wider interest of Pakistan, we have put the government’s necklace of thorns around our neck. No, and we knew it even then.

He said that ‘we knew that there were tunnels ahead and there were dangers, but what would we have done, we would have left our country and run away, but we do not run away from our country’.

The leader of the Muslim League (N) said that “in Imran Khan’s government, journalism was put on chains, journalists were taken off air, political workers were thrown in jails on the basis of dissent, but unfortunately the system of justice was asleep at that time.” At that time, the courts were asleep and our cases were not being heard.

He said, “When you retire, you come to private gatherings and apologize. I will not name anyone, but if a question is raised, then I will also name you, so you should not do dirty work at the same time.” “Don’t pollute democracy, don’t bleed the constitution and don’t play with the constitution.”

The federal minister said that no matter who the government is, decisions should not be made under the theory of necessity, but this did not happen in the past and finally, after serving long prison terms, people came one by one from the high courts of Pakistan, these decisions should be read. , they speak the judgments’.

Referring to the court decisions regarding NAB, he said that ‘NAB’s draconian era and law are a slap in the face, so today if anyone supports the old NAB law, he is whoever and wherever he belongs. He cannot be a friend of the constitution and democracy, he will not be a matter of justice, but the blood of justice.

Criticizing the NAB cases, he said that ‘people were defamed and humiliated and because no decision could be made against anyone in four years, there was no evidence and evidence’.

He said that ‘at that time, NAB used to take action on newspaper reports, why is action not being taken now, NAB is an independent institution’.

Khawaja Saad Rafiq said that when it comes to Toshakhana, where are the people who take action now, when it comes to the billion tree tsunami, when it comes to the corruption of their families, this should also be taken into consideration. Should’.

Talking about the meeting of government allies, he said that this question was also raised in today’s meeting and we have been asked to convey it to the nation and institutions through the media that what is the reason for the Election Commission foreign funding case. Why not decide?

He said that ‘we demand with full voice that the foreign funding case, which has been pending for years, should be decided’.

He said that ‘PTI won 15 seats out of 20 constituencies, until the evening it is opening the courts and rigging is happening, but when the results started coming as they wanted, they stopped crying’.

Talking about the by-elections of Punjab, he said that when the results came, they said that the Election Commissioner should resign. Voices will disappear because this is the tradition of PTI.

Criticizing the PTI, he said that they want a chief justice of their choice, a chief of army staff of their choice, a puppet president and a media of their choice, if they can give it, then the so-called Ameerul Momineen is cold in the chest. Will have to’.

“If you raise your voice according to your conscience, they will behead you, put you in jail, and if nothing else, call you a traitor, try to make you a thief,” he said.

He said that ‘Imran Khan is spending crores on social media, where is it coming from, it will also be traced as to where this money is coming from and for what purposes’.

Federal Minister of Railways said that by-elections are not a measure of popularity, we have won 5 of your seats, our votes have increased and our vote bank is safe.

Criticizing former Prime Minister Imran Khan, he added that ‘when the decision of his will does not come, he says that the country will be divided, he talks about dropping atomic bombs on Pakistan’.

He said that he does not see anything, if he sees something, then he gets some peace.

‘There will be no compromise on the authority and right of Parliament’

The federal minister said that ‘when it comes to the decisions of the parliament, we the parliamentary representative forces and all the democratic forces want to request loudly that the decisions of the parliament should be respected’.

He said that ‘legislation is our authority and right, there will be absolutely no compromise on this authority and right and we will not remain silent on it’.

He said that ‘it cannot be that if the parliament does any work in the wider interest of Pakistan, it should be suspended, it is regrettable, there is no room for it in the federal parliamentary system of Pakistan and the 1973 constitution’.

Khawaja Saad Rafiq said that PDM, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Awami National Party (ANP) and all of us together, we also want to request with great politeness that on the interpretation of 63A We have objections to the court decision and believe that this decision is against the spirit of the constitution.

He said that ‘in this regard, the review application of the Supreme Court Bar has been pending in the Supreme Court for several days, it is our request and appeal that the full court hear this review and give a decision on it as soon as possible’.

‘The division of powers is clear in the constitution’

Khawaja Saad Rafiq We want to say again that the division of powers is clear in the constitution, legislation is the right of the parliament, we think it should not be interfered with.

He said that we believe that Imran Khan and his gang want to tamper with the constitution by riding on the shoulders of the courts, it is conspiring to make the institutions controversial.

Referring to Imran Khan, he said that his colleagues say that he has blood on his face and when the decision comes according to the constitution and law, they target him, we do not and will not do that.

Khawaja Saad Rafiq said that ‘but if a decision is made in response to any evil step of Imran Khan, we will not remain silent and will be given an equal response’.

He said that the elections that have been held have proved that the establishment and the Election Commission were impartial, it should be recognized, it should be appreciated, but we have got 5 seats, we are recognizing them and 15. Seats have been found, he is crying.



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