Tuesday, August 9, 2022

This method of brisk walking is very useful for the whole body

Walking, brisk walking and jogging have been found to be very beneficial for health, but another type of walk, Nordic walk or pole walk, can have more benefits.

According to a recent research, walking with a stick in both hands in such a way that the stick is firmly planted on the ground and pushing oneself forward, it reduces depression, improves breathing, activates the whole body and It has better effects on the heart. Such a brisk walk is called a Nordic walk.

In Nordic walking, the upper torso moves in line with the legs and is stressed. This makes the heart beat faster and the whole body has to exert force. When Nordic walking was compared to walking without a stick, it was found that it expended 40% more energy.

Experts also say that Nordic or pole walking is an excellent exercise and its latest research has been published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology. Even heart patients can benefit greatly from it. Apart from this, it also improves mental and psychological health. This is the reason why doctors recommend it as useful for heart patients.

Physiologically, it is the most modern way of walking, which activates the core muscles and wide range of muscles of the body. Experimentally, several subjects were recruited and divided into three groups according to exercise. One group was given high-intensity interval training, another was given moderate-intensity exercise, and the third group did Nordic walking. The total number of participants was 130 who were suffering from depression, cardiovascular and other diseases. They were also evaluated for a total of 14 weeks after 12 weeks or three months of exercise.

Nordic walking had the greatest reduction in depression. On the other hand, pole walking also reduces the stress on the knees but increases the stress on the rest of the body and this has positive effects on the whole body.

Most importantly, the long-term beneficial effects of Nordic walking after three months are encouraging.



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