Tiger Cubs Get A New Mother

Tiger cubs get a new mother

In China, the love of tiger cubs for bitches has attracted the attention of social media users.

According to foreign media, the female tiger gave birth to three cubs in a Chinese zoo, but as soon as she gave birth, she took them away from her and refused to breastfeed.

Seeing the plight of the children, the zoo management brought the children closer to the Labrador Bitch, which immediately adopted the Tiger cubs and also quenched their hunger.

Because you want to see a lab doggy take care of baby rescue tigers pic.twitter.com/qmKnyO4Fzi

– A Piece of Nature (@apieceofnature) May 15, 2022

When the video of the children’s attachment with the bitch and the surrounding sports was shared on the micro-blogging website Twitter, the users were also shocked and termed the attachment and love between the bitch and Tiger’s children as a charisma of nature.

The original video was shared on Instagram on April 17 and was viewed more than 16,000 times.

One user said that ‘children love their new mother very much’ while another user said that ‘tiger and dog are two different animals but love is the same in both’.

The National Tiger Conservation Authority says mothers abandon their children if they are weak, injured or sick, while some mothers abandon their children because they are unable to feed their children due to injury. Live

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