Tik Tok introduced text to image facility

Tik Tok introduced text to image facility

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), the concept of images and image manipulation, which transforms text into associated images, is gaining popularity around the world. In addition, Tik Tok has offered text-to-image facility within its app.

It should be noted that this filter called ‘AI Green Screen’ is available in many countries. Tik Tok has named it an effect. Like its name, although the resulting image is not that good, TikTok can add it as a background. Whether it is audio or video, it can be used both ways.

However, it still lags far behind Google’s ‘Image’ text-to-image extraction software, as well as OpenAI and Dell E2. Rather, it would be better to say that it creates patterns of abstract art and the images appear to oscillate. In this way, the Tik Tok viewer thinks that he may be seeing an image like a dream image.

In comparison, on other models if you write an astronaut or a flower in water, it creates images that are closer to reality, but the Tik Tok filter does not. This is why digital analysts have not particularly liked it.

Other experts believe that TikTok has done this on purpose and that there may be some obstacles. First, it takes a lot of computer power to create a text image, and secondly, if a violent image is desired, more blurred images are produced.

But Tik Tok has to be given a credit that its generator creates images very fast which is also acknowledged by experts.

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