Top 12 useful tips to help you have a good health

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12 useful tips to help you have a good health

Health is one of the factors that help you achieve many successes in life. Understanding that, through this article, NewsMenk will share with you tips to stay healthy and welcome a full Tet with relatives and family.

1- Peace of mind

If you want to have good health, the first element to have is a healthy mind. The more hectic and noisy life is, the more easily you feel tired, chaotic and easily lead to stress. Mental lethargy, feeling tired, uncomfortable will lead to your health decline.

Imagine if your mind is always in a state of constant work, boredom, fatigue, can you have good health? Therefore, you should always keep your mind relaxed and optimistic to enjoy life in the best way.

A relaxed mind will help you do a lot more.

peace of mind

2- Healthy eating

Changing the way you eat is an important step to a healthy body. You need to learn more about how to build a healthy diet instead of just eating fruits and vegetables. An understanding of foods will help you develop a good diet. Then you will have a healthy body and a happy mind.

Daily, nutritious meals are loaded into your body, then you will surely have a very healthy body and skin. Eating right and enough nutrients has a great influence on maintaining a good health of each of us. If you often eat hot, spicy, fried foods, believe that you are slowly killing your body. Eat and drink a variety of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish in a full way to protect your health!

healthy diet

3- Drink enough water

Ensuring enough water is the key to a healthy, happy and energetic life. Most experts recommend following the 8 glasses x 240 ml rule of water per day. Water can help flush out excess waste and help reduce bloating. It can ensure the flow of energy and nutrition to various muscles.

Especially, during the summer water becomes even more important for your body. Water makes up more than 70% of the human body weight. Therefore, it is not possible for a healthy person to drink less water. A day we have to add 2 liters of water to the body. Only then can the body be full of energy and have vitality.

drink water

4- Do exercise

“Health is gold” – It is a fact that no one can deny. With health, we can work, study, have fun and of course reap many successes in life. Do you want to have a toned, muscular body or a flexible and attractive body with a slim waist ? Exercise is the decisive factor that nothing can replace. Daily exercise is the best way to help us have good health and prolong life.

Choose a sport you love and start practicing it every day. You can choose the time to practice as you like, when you have free time such as morning, afternoon or evening. The best practice time is no more than 1 hour. Try it and you will feel the difference in your body.


5- Keep your body clean

If you have a clean and fragrant body, you will feel much more comfortable mentally, right? According to some studies, bathing every day will help the body increase blood circulation, produce new cells to help the body stay healthy and have more beautiful skin.

So, no matter what, you should shower at least once a day to avoid bacterial invasion and stay healthy. Then your body will feel much more refreshed.

keep your body clean

6- Teeth care

Follow the correct and complete oral care steps to have a strong teeth to ensure chewing and aesthetics. According to a recent statistics of the Institute of Odonto-Stomatology, more than 96% of the Vietnamese population has diseases related to teeth and gums. And the causes are related to the daily oral hygiene and care regimen.

Regular and proper dental care will help you have a fresh breath, confidence in communication and more importantly, protect your health in the best way. Therefore, brush your teeth twice a day in the morning and at night before going to bed to stay healthy.

rinse teeth

7- Get enough sleep

Sleep is a vital need for our body. Sleep takes up 1/3 of a person’s life. During sleep, our body secretes important hormones that help with metabolism, accumulation of energy needed for the day’s activities and body growth. It helps the brain to organize information systematically, establishes and strengthens the brain’s ability to remember long-term. This is extremely necessary for the body to develop and adapt to the living environment.

Sleep is a very important factor to help you maintain a good health. What if you are always in a state of fatigue due to lack of sleep? It must be very annoying, isn’t it? You know, not getting enough sleep will greatly affect your mood and daily activities. Therefore, the golden rule is to sleep for 8 hours a day for good health.

get enough sleep

8- Healthy living

Instead of regularly drinking alcohol and smoking, quit that habit, drink fruit juice instead, exercise every day. Your daily activities also greatly affect your health.

You should maintain the habit of going to bed early, meeting friends and reading books. These habits will give you a healthy body. Your life will become more meaningful.

health living

9- Periodic health check

Currently, many people only go to medical examination and treatment facilities when they have an illness but do not have the habit of going for regular health check-upsRegular health check-ups are a way to help us prevent and detect diseases early. We need to know that when we are healthy, we will be mentally alert, clear and bring values ​​​​to ourselves and our families.

The benefits of regular health check-ups will help you prevent many dangerous diseases and protect your health in the best way. Follow your doctor’s advice, go to the hospital for regular check-ups.

periodic health check

10- Less use of phones and electronic devices

There is no denying the positive side of television in particular and other electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, and game consoles to people’s lives. But like drugs, these devices also have “side effects” and harmful effects when used “overdose”. This is even more evident with children, who are developing and forming their personality.

Nowadays, information technology is developing more and more, leading us to spend more time on it. But that is not good for our health at allexposure to phones and electronic devices too often will affect our eyesight in a terrible way, and so on our health. We are being killed day by day.

read books

11- Get up early instead of staying up too late.

Staying up a lot at night or losing sleep will upset your clock. It not only makes you feel tired, restless, lack of vitality, thereby affecting work productivity, reducing efficiency when studying. In addition, it also makes your skin do not have time to rest, eliminating toxins, leading to a decrease in the regeneration of skin cells. Instead, wake up early and get enough sleep.

Waking up early helps to increase intelligence and maintain a relaxed and comfortable state throughout the day. Besides, waking up early helps you have more time for yourself, not in a hurry, helps to reduce traffic jams, helps reduce stress and helps you work more productively.

wake early

12- Say No to smoking

Smokers often excrete more phlegm than non-smokers. The ability to bring sputum out of the respiratory tract is also worse than the average person. Besides, smoking changes the structure of the mucous glands as well as the composition of the mucus. Sometimes, the mucus-secreting glands become blocked, reducing a smoker’s ability to excrete phlegm. The main consequence is that the mucus is contaminated with many toxic substances from the smoke, which is trapped in the lungs and interferes with the circulation of air.

Smoking is injurious to health, even smoking just one cigarette a day can cause blood clots, which in turn can cause plaque to develop in the arteries and blood vessels, seriously affecting your health. to the lungs. Besides, you smoke not only affects you but also affects the people around you.

no smoking

Be smart in protecting your health. Through the above tips, NewsMenk hopes you will know how to take better care of and listen to your body.

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