Top 6 Best Alternatives To Instagram You Should Try!


Despite the fact that Instagram is the giant of mobile social networks, it is not an app that everyone likes. There are those who do not agree with their privacy policy, for example, among many other things. For this and other reasons, there are many options that the user has when choosing how to send images, edit photos and contact friends or interesting profiles. 

Fortunately, the world of the Internet is so wide that we can find many applications with functions adapted to all tastes. It is a matter of trying them out and choosing the one that best suits what we are looking for, due to its design, its ease of use and the options that each of them offers. Here are 6 best alternative apps to Instagram.

1- Snapchat: the most ghostly network

Despite the fact that its operation is not technically similar to that of Instagram, Snapchat is an app that is gaining ground every day.

  • From Snapchat you can share images and text with your contacts
  • It allows you to have conversations that can be deleted later, so privacy is greater than with your Instagram account
  • You can edit the photos and videos with your contacts and it even allows you to share live
  • If you do not want to delete an image, by taking a screenshot you will already have it saved and you can share it

2- YariBook: The Best open social Platform

Another good option that the public prefers is YariBook. Its operation is very similar to that of the Instagram application.

  • To enjoy YariBook, capture an image that is attractive to you
  • Use one of the 14 effects that the app allows to leave it to your liking
  • Share it with your YariBook community
  • If you find it limited, you can also share it on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or Flickr.

3- Wouzee: broadcast at the moment

Wouzee is a unique alternative to the Instagram application, as it allows you to share images and videos with your contacts even live.

  • With Wouzee you can broadcast live videos of up to 59 seconds
  • You can easily customize your channel for your community and followers
  • Also share your creations on Twitter and Facebook or send them to your friends via WhatsApp

4- PicsArt: a whole world of possibilities

This is one of the most powerful image editors on the mobile app market today.

  • With PicsArt you can use dozens of effects for your images, such as cartoon, cross process, HDR, watercolor… There are many to discover
  • You can share them through PicsArt Artists Network with other artists and creators
  • It allows you to create collages taking advantage of the backgrounds, styles and masks that it offers

5- Pinterest: your photos organized by boards

The only deficiency that the Pinterest app has compared to Instagram is the inability to edit images. For the rest, it has nothing to envy as a social network.

  • Pinterest allows you to share your own photos, interesting images from the internet or photos of your friends with your contacts
  • Create boards for your contacts to see your images and photos
  • Use the “Pin it” button every time you see something interesting and share it on your boards
  • Share simultaneously on other networks such as Facebook and Twitter simultaneously

6- Flickr: the great competitor

Another great photography and social network app that is gaining ground on a daily basis against Instagram.

  • Thanks to Flickr, you can upload and access your photos
  • You have 1000 GB of free storage
  • Allows the use of filters to take images and also editing tools
  • Create custom albums
  • Share with Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter

Although there are many mobile applications with good options and a wide range of possibilities, Instagram is today the great queen of social networks for smartphones. However, they do not always have to compete. In fact, for the most part they are even complementary.

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