Top 8 Best Health Tips Useful For Everyone at any Age

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Top 8 Best Health Tips Useful For Everyone at any Age

You need to take care of your body, just like taking care of your car or motorbike. The body is a machine, a living machine. If you study the laws of health and follow them, you will most likely prolong your life by 20 years. There are many diseases we can avoid.

1. Health is a constant process in the body , which you do not know well or little, due to the working of organs in the body such as lungs, stomach, liver, kidneys, intestines… Maybe To compare life with a furnace, we need to add charcoal, which is oxygen, and we need to know how to get rid of the ashes, that is, the poisons. If we know how to rekindle and take care of it, the human furnace can last for over a hundred years. The human apparatus needs to work in harmony and cannot be stopped. To stop is to die.

2. Your body is a store of energy like an electric battery containing a limited life force. You can’t make it emit more health than it can hold. Every day because of work, the vitality in your body weakens. When you sleep, you recharge. If you store up a lot of life force that you don’t use, the body will also fail. If the life force in your body is almost exhausted but still consumes it, you will also get sick, just like you use an empty battery. The secret of health is in rhythm: knowing how to accumulate vitality and know how to use life force is like drawing electricity in and generating electricity from a battery.

3. If you are lucky enough to be born with a healthy, disease-free body, if you want to enjoy lasting health, you must follow the following rules:

Eat in moderation, chew well.

– Breathe hard and long, breathe only fresh air.

– Sleep eight hours a day, open the window for fresh air.

– Don’t walk up the stairs while running, your heart will get tired.

– Must excrete scum every day.

– Avoid using harmful stimulants (alcohol, tobacco,…).

– Set aside a certain amount of time each day for recreation.

– To look at life with the most beautiful face means to be optimistic.

4. You should walk a few kilometers every day. Take a short walk between meals. Unless we are sick, we have to step out of the house every day to breathe a lot of air. Our bodies need to exercise and breathe a lot of fresh air.

5. If doing a job requires a lot of creativity, you must know how to use the “Puzzle Method” which means going from exertion and concentration to less stress and rest. It is a way to relax the mind and nerves. In addition, it also increases your working capacity. Some people are always under pressure. Not relaxing when eating, not sleeping soundly, stressing like that is not helpful. Experiments have shown that in factories where workers rest many times, production increases very quickly. But eating without sitting is as harmful as working too hard.

6. Knowing how to take time to rest is a way to prevent physical as well as mental weakness. Working in harmony is no reason to be physically or mentally exhausted. There are two ways to work less tired: change jobs and take a break between work sessions. Always focusing on one thing also makes us tired quickly. No one can work hard forever, must take time to rest. If you pay attention, you will notice that games and play are also remedies that can cure diseases. It helps the body and mind recover.

7. You should believe in the body’s ability to recover, not too much into the serious predictions of the doctor. In many cases, your body has the strength to heal itself because it is built to fight disease. When you are sick, the most important thing is to be determined to conquer the illness. When your health is restored, you can increase your life span by thirty or forty years The power of will can affect your body and make you healthier.

8. Love to live, love life, love what you do, that’s also a way to stay healthy. Many times we label ourselves with imaginary illnesses. If a person is overly concerned with their body, they naturally have the illusion that they have a disease. Many people go to the doctor just because they have a “mental illness”. We have noticed that people who do not sit still are often sick or they imagine being sick. When you keep an active mind and a determined will to stay healthy, you are less likely to find yourself sick.

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