Trial of new method of treating cervical cancer begins

Trial of new method of treating cervical cancer begins

British experts have begun trials on a new method to treat pediatric or ovarian cancer, and experts are hoping for the desired results.

Cervical cancer is still being treated with traditional methods of chemotherapy or surgery around the world, and sometimes with no significant results.

Now, however, British experts have begun experimenting with a new method, which involves testing a patient to remove cancerous tissue from the uterus with a machine called a plasma jet ultra.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), experts have begun to treat cancer in a new way using a special type of gas (ionize argon gas) in a plasma jet ultra machine.

The report quoted experts as saying that the machine would not affect healthy tissues by removing cancerous tissue in the uterus and would also save the patient time.

Experts hope that this will save the patient from having to undergo repeated surgeries or chemotherapy.

According to experts, some women with cervical cancer also develop cancer in the intestines, due to which some parts of their intestines have to be removed, due to which such patients undergo frequent surgeries but with the new technique they Operations can also be reduced.

Specialists have launched the new treatment at The Royal United Hospital in Bath, England, and the results will be announced after testing the treatment on some patients.

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