Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Tuck Tucker Released A New Video Crying

In the case of fire in Margalla Hills, Islamabad, Tuck Tucker Noshin Saeed alias Dolly has released video of another witness to prove his innocence.

Tuck Tucker shared a new video on his Instagram account in which he is present at the place where the forest fire was started. In the video, there is a senior citizen of the area with Dolly.

In the video, the citizen states that “the fire in the bushes was set to kill the snakes.”

“Dolly didn’t start the fire, but the fire was already there. Come on, get out of the car and make your own videos where the fire started,” said the senior citizen.

After hearing the testimony in her favor, Dolly became agitated and started crying.

In a caption to the video released on Instagram, Tuck Tucker wrote, “Everyone knows I didn’t set fire and I didn’t go to my salon. I still have a lot of evidence.”

Expressing anger, he said, “The fire was started by those senseless and mean people who are happy to make fun of others. I cried when I saw the humanity and truth of a person with whom I have no relationship. He told me the truth.” He said and I kept wasting my time on meaningful people for so many days.



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