Monday, August 15, 2022

Under no circumstances will the mandate be stolen, Wasim Akhtar

MQM leader Wasim Akhtar said that we do not want to spoil the situation.

MQM leader Wasim Akhtar said there was an agreement with the PPP that they would respect each other’s mandate. Our mandate is not being recognized. Voting is being toyed with. We accept the mandate of the PPP, let them accept our mandate. We appeal that our votes should not be stolen.

He said that he had requested the Election Commission to listen to him. We had some concerns regarding the local body elections. Our words were not listened to. We do not want to spoil the situation, we want to control it. There will be a commission and a Sindh government.

He said that under no circumstances will the mandate be stolen. The government should sit with us and solve the problems. The Election Commission should take notice of our concerns. The Chief Election Commissioner should listen to our concerns and make a decision. We do not want mischief in Hyderabad and Karachi.

He said that 14 parties were not happy with the local body elections in Sindh. One person was killed. Election staff was abducted yesterday. Chaos was witnessed in many places during the election. Other provinces are moving forward, Sindh is being affected.

It should be noted that the MQM had expressed reservations over the Sindh local body elections and demanded that the elections be stopped in Sukkur, Mirpur Khas and Nawabshah.



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