Friday, August 12, 2022

Unique Way To Reduce Prison Sentences

SUKKARI: Authorities in a Central South American country have launched a unique program to reduce prison sentences if they read books.

Bolivia is one of the countries in the world where the punishment for those who read books in prison is reduced, meaning that a prisoner can reduce his punishment by reading a certain number of books.

In Bolivia, the government has launched a unique program called “Box Behind Bars”, which can reduce the sentences of prisoners, but its main purpose is to make people literate. ۔

It should be noted that in Bolivia, the death penalty and life imprisonment are not carried out, however, due to the slow judicial system there, prisoners have to spend long periods in prisons.

The program has been launched in about 47 Bolivian prisons, where more than 800 inmates have begun their studies and many have learned to write.

According to the prison administration, Jacqueline is a female inmate who has read 8 books and passed 4 reading tests.

The target of the project is the poor and illiterate prisoners who for some reason could not read and write. According to reports, a large number of prisoners have expressed interest in the program.



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