Friday, August 19, 2022

USAID to provide additional $2 million for vaccination in Pakistan: Abdul Qadir Patel

Federal Minister for National Health Abdul Qadir Patel has said that USAID has pledged an additional 20 million dollars for vaccination in Pakistan and the US Center for Disease Control is also supporting the strengthening of the data center regarding diseases in Pakistan. will do

According to the report of APP, in a statement issued by the Federal Ministry of Health, it has been said that while speaking during the ‘Health Dialogue’ between Pakistan and the United States, the Federal Minister of Health Abdul Qadir Patel said that Pakistan and the United States have cooperated in the fields of health. Has expressed commitment to continue cooperation.

He said that cooperation between Pakistan and the US is very important to tackle the challenges of epidemics and health protection and he has done much to strengthen the cooperation between the US Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan.

The federal health minister said that USAID has promised to provide an additional 20 million dollars for vaccination in Pakistan.

He said that Pakistan and the US will make progress in cooperation on immunization, nutrition, maternal and child health, saving the lives of newborns and cross-border health protection. Joint efforts have been initiated for the formation and development of the Centre.

Abdul Qadir Patel said that the US Center for Disease Control will help the health institution to strengthen the disease data center in Pakistan.

He said that Pakistan-US cooperation in the field of health, shielding against diseases and epidemics can save precious human lives because diseases have no borders and the epidemic will not be a challenge for a particular country but for the entire region. .

The health minister said that maternal and child nutrition is very important for success in polio eradication, Pakistan is strengthening its border health agency under the global health protection agenda.

He said that the two countries have also expressed their commitment to exchange information, medical expertise and best practices for disease control.

The federal minister said that the United States has appreciated Pakistan’s efforts to overcome the corona epidemic and has expressed its determination to continue its close cooperation in this regard.

He said that future talks between the two countries on health related issues will be held in Pakistan.

Abdul Qadir Patel thanked the US for providing 61.5 million doses of vaccine and 1.6 million vaccine doses for children and on this occasion, he also appreciated the cooperation of Masood Khan, Pakistan’s ambassador to the US.



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