Thursday, August 18, 2022

Video goes viral celebrating Sadhumosewala’s killers

The video of the celebration of the killers of the famous singer of Indian Punjab Sadhu Musa Wala has gone viral.

According to police officials, a video was recovered from the mobile phone of 18-year-old Ankit Sarsa, one of the killers of Sadhu Musawala, in which five people were celebrating after the murder of Sadhu Musawala.

In a viral video on social media, it can be seen that the killers of Sadhu Musa Wala are sitting in a car in which a Punjabi song is playing. All five are celebrating by waving their pistols to the tune of the song.

According to police, a gangster named Ankit Sarsa was among the shooters who shot dead Sadhu Musa Wala on May 29 in Jawaharke village of Mansa district in Punjab.



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