Friday, August 19, 2022

Viral video of a little dog escaping an eagle’s clutches

In a video that became increasingly popular on the Internet, a large eagle suddenly attacked and captured a yorkie puppy, but the little mana dog somehow escaped.

The incident took place in Metlacatcala, a small village in the Canadian state of British Columbia, where a Yorkie dog was playing outside a house when it was suddenly attacked by a large American eagle, the Bald Eagle. As can be seen in the video, a dog named Coco is only eight months old and has been captured by the eagle in its strong claws.

In the incident that took place on June 16, it can be seen that the bird grabbed the dog named Coco and took him down, but the next moment they go out of the frame of the video camera. The second security camera shows Coco freeing himself from his clutches and running into his home.

According to experts, the Bald Eagle has immense power and controls small mammals and invites them.

The scene was captured on camera attached to a doorbell that people around the world have simply watched. Coco dog owner Justin Davidward said it is a rare breed of dog that is usually small in size. He runs free as if nothing had happened. However, it was later examined and it was found that the eagle’s sharp claws had caused a deep wound on his stomach.

Coco was rushed to a doctor, where he was pronounced dead at the scene.



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