Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Warning! Beware, calling men bald is sexual harassment

Warning men to call bald will be a case of sexual harassment, a British court has ruled. Both men and women in the world suffer from baldness, but the disease is more common in men and they lose their hair in whole or in part, which is then ridiculed by their peers. ۔

But now a British court has come to the rescue of the men, according to Bloomberg International.

The verdict came in the case of Tony Finn, a 64-year-old electrician who sued a colleague working for a small family company in Yorkshire.

Tony Finn said he was ridiculed for his baldness at work, which made him laugh. On which he approached the court.

The tribunal also upheld Art’s sexual harassment allegations, saying he had been unfairly removed from his post after 24 years of service.



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