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To enjoy new box office movies and hot new series, many opt for free download and streaming, also called direct streaming or streaming, refers to a principle used primarily for sending of content “live” (or slightly delayed). Widely used on the Internet, it allows the playback of an audio or video stream (in the case of video on demand) as it is broadcast.

It is thus opposed to the distribution by downloading of files which requires retrieving all the data of a song or a video extract before it can be listened to or watched. The last decade has seen the expansion of streaming sites including Papystreaming, HD LightStream, HD LightStream,

Streamay, and wawacity. The latter is historically a very old site which offers to watch movies in streaming for free or to download them via DDL (direct Download Link, in French, direct download link).

What is Wawacity?

The Wawacity site is a directory of direct download links designed to allow Internet users to access free of charge, either by downloading or streaming, content for the most part paid.

Created in 2005, the site first operated under the domain names ” wawacity com “, ” wawacity ec “, ” wawacity co “, then more recently under the name ” wawacity ninja ” and ” wawacity vip “. It gives free access to a large number of pirated works. This is what made it popular following the closure of the Zone-Downloads site (1st of the name) a few years ago.

This is also what has earned him a succession of brutal censures inflicted by HADOPI and the beneficiaries. But even though its popularity has taken a back seat with repeated censorship, many Internet users continue to visit Wawacity every month.

What is the correct address for Wawacity?

After its last closure, the Wawa city site, previously accessible at the address “wawacity ninja”, is again accessible at a new URL. As with every change of domain name, many of you are wondering what the correct WawaCity address.

If you’ve tried to find it recently, chances are you’ve come across inactive links or clones like ” wawacity online ” which are just pale copies of the original.


Currently, Wawacity is accessible at ” wawacity bz “.

Moreover, if you go to the last known domain, you will be automatically redirected to the address we have just given you, which proves that “wawacity bz” is indeed the correct URL for the Wawacity site.

How does the site work?

Wawacity is based on Direct Download which has several advantages over torrents. On the site, you can either via a link download a film or a series for free, or access the streaming content.

The main interest compared to a torrent, apart from the fact that it is more practical and faster, it is in a way your safety. with regard to the authorities. Indeed, when you download a torrent, via the peer-to-peer or p2p protocol, your IP address appears in clear and can therefore be identified and brought to you. This is why you are often encouraged to use a VPN to maintain your anonymity.

In direct download, you do not risk much. Indeed, the one who will be involved will be the site offering the download links. The sites hosting the files like Uptobox, 1fichier, Tubobit, Rapidgator or even Nitroflare will be invited to delete the files. These are the sites that will have access to your IP address.


Suddenly, you just have to go to Wawa city and find the file to download in the media library using the built-in filters (genre, year of release, etc.). As soon as you click on the link provided in the download area, you will be able to stream or launch a direct download of the file, from one of the hosting sites mentioned above, which will then be recorded on the medium of your choice. .

Is there a charge for the Wawacity site?

Wawacity is absolutely free as is the content offered. If you come across a site with the same name asking for your bank details or demanding payment to watch a movie, you are on the wrong site.

Never give out your credit card number.

What can we find on Wawacity?

Sites like Wawacity exist only for one reason, to offer Internet users pirated versions of copyrighted works. So, whether you are with your PC, your smartphone or your tablet, you will find content on Wawacity such as:

  • The series in VF or VOSTFR in several qualities (Blu Ray, Ultra HD 4K, DVDrip, HDrip, etc …)
  • VF, TrueFrench, VOSTFR movies in several formats (Blu Ray, Ultra HD 4K, DVDrip, HDrip, etc …)
  • Old movies
  • Films adapted for hearing impaired people
  • The documentaries
  • Trainings (Photoshop workshops, trading, etc.)
  • Music (concerts, singles, albums, etc.)
  • E-books (magazines, newspapers, manga, audiobooks, etc.)
  • Games for PC, MAC, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, etc.
  • Animated
  • Applications and software for Linux, Macintosh, Windows systems

Is Wawacity Legal?

If you ask HADOPI, they will tell you unambiguously that Wawacity is absolutely illegal. And for good reason, the files available for free on the platform are mostly protected by copyright.

For those who do not know, this practice is punishable by a fine of 300,000 euros and a prison sentence of 3 years. For the Internet user, the risk is very minimal as explained above. By going through a VPN, the risk goes to zero.

For those who prefer to avoid the risks of illegality, you can always try platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video which are SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) services. Obviously, to have access to content protected by copyright on these platforms, you will need to take out your bank card.

In 2015, a study launched by Hadopi on the Wawacit platform, indicated in an article that Wawacity was the 3rd link aggregator forum in France in terms of unique visitors and in terms of page views. It also indicated that 10 accounts (the “big uploaders”) were responsible for more than 80% of the site’s links. ( source Eurojuris )

In this same study, it was indicated that the estimated projection of the consumption of the 30 most popular films on Wawacity on the legal market would amount to € 12.8 million. A certain loss for the beneficiaries.

We would also like to point out that we do not in any way encourage the use of platforms like Wawacity, which we remind you is illegal.

Introducing wawacity

Wawacity is a direct download site, which offers movies and series for download with a direct link. When you arrive on the site and go to the download area, the download link that you click will automatically start recording the film or series on your computer or on the medium of your choice.

The interface is simple, understated, attractive, and pleasant. Wawacity takes an interest in the careful classification of its content. This is evidenced by the many categories of films and series presented. It is especially the new films which are displayed there, classified by categories: VostFR, Blu-Ray, VF, Games, and so on. In the left menu is the navigation drawer classified by movie, series, anime, games, etc.

To your left, you can easily distinguish the navigation menus, series, games, music, ebooks, software (etc.), to give you an idea of ​​the varieties of downloads available on this download site. For those who know what they’re looking for, just take a look at the section (sort by genre) or trust wawacity’s awesome search engine.. To your right, for Internet users curious about new features, this download site regularly updates the list of the latest films added.

When you click on the download button, the action starts right away without you being redirected to another platform. On this same side, there is the section reserved for connection and registration, to benefit from some privileges. This site goes a step further to satisfy the movie buff that you are, featuring different content based on popular categories.

On wawacity, the downloading of films, series and others is done, either by creating an account for easier use of the site, or by downloading directly via the “download” buttons.

The advantages of  wawacity 

• You can download or stream. This is not unpleasant, because most of the time, the sites offer streaming, or direct download.
•  wawacity has a server where all movies and series are stored and where they can be viewed at any time.
• This site offers something else like games, music, ebooks, cartoons, software, mobile applications, etc.
• The wawacity download site is easy to use even for a beginner

The less wawacity

Warning!! wawacity is illegal in the eyes of the law. This download site was closed in 2017 because of the illegal content it offers. Rumor has it that the site was bought by the current Torrent9.ph following the redirect when accessing the site. What is certain is that it has reappeared but is still illegal, because it disagrees with copyright. Indeed wawacity copies, stores and distributes its content without permission or authorization. Unfortunately, these practices are becoming more common, and closing these sites does not prevent the opening of any new identical site.

Be aware that despite the popularity of the wawacity download site, (especially since the download area was closed), its use is illegal and not recommended, even if the law does not target users. However, it is possible to bail up to 3 years’ imprisonment, and a fine of 300,000 euros. To avoid the problems, there are other alternatives. Legal streaming sites like Molotov TV, Liberty Land, Voirfilms, and Extreme Down.

What is the correct address for the Wawacity site?

Wawacity, like all other illegal direct download sites, is battling it out for its existence. Indeed between the fight against the authorities, including HADOPI, and its many clones, the site must constantly watch over the seeds in order to be available to its large community in France who wants download free films and TV series. This involves in particular regular changes of URLs which push Internet users to often ask the question: “What is the correct address of the Wawacity site ?“.

In this article, we obviously answer this question, but also all the other questions you may have on this download site.

Presentation of the free download site Wawacity

To satisfy his need for entertainment on the web, the average Internet user always prefers to obtain paid content for free when he has the possibility. And since there are many solutions on the internet to bypass the austere restrictions of HADOPI, High Authority for the Diffusion of Works and the Protection of Rights on the Internet, platforms like Wawacity have become “classics” of downloading and streaming. free.

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