Monday, August 15, 2022

We are not far from a situation like Sri Lanka: Imran Khan

Imran Khan has warned that the people may come to the streets, the situation in Sri Lanka is not far away. Imran Khan tweeted that in just 3 months, Zardari and Sharif mafia brought the country to its knees politically and economically.

Imran Khan said, I ask how long the state institutions will continue to allow the illegal accumulation of wealth to be saved? The people will not allow the mafia to continue their looting, we are not far from the situation in Sri Lanka when the people will take to the streets.

He further wrote that I can say with certainty that the response after the meeting with our nation and the call for real freedom made it clear that the people of Pakistan will not allow this mafia to loot any more, we Sri Lanka. Jesy is not far from the movement when people will take to the streets.



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