What are cookies?

What are cookies

You are often offered the option of accepting cookies when you visit various websites on the Internet, but do you know what these cookies are and what they are used for?

Cookies are small computer files that contain personal data, which has a direct effect on the Internet browsing experience, obviously they are not viruses and their presence is perfectly legal.

Cookies allow websites to track users during or after surfing; if the user has their TP address, operating system and browser, the data thus collected and stored is essentially the user’s username. happens.

In most cases, cookies can be useful in identifying the user and their preferences, which is also useful for recommendations in the case of e-commerce sites, for example.

But some cookies may be more objectionable, these are third party cookies, which are actually generated outside of the sites and services visited. This is primarily the domain of social networks and advertising agencies.

These cookies can effectively track a portion of an Internet user’s browsing history and therefore help them target any ads they may see in the future.

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