What Are Jinns & How To Identify Them? Features And Characteristics


Identification of the genie: On hearing the name of the genie, the thought of the genie with Aladdin’s lamp comes to our mind! But in reality, jinn are very different from genies with magic lamps! After the death of a person, the form that wanders in this world to fulfill any of its desires is called gene. In Hinduism, which is known as ghost evil spirit, then according to Muslim religion it is called Jinn or Jinnat.

Jinn only harms humans. There are very few jinn’s that are not dangerous to humans. Jinn or Jinnat are very angry! The jinn often live in a heard place or heard ruins. Jinno loves white color and food.

What is Jinn? How Jinn can be Identified?

Many jinns are full of mercury powers. Who can fly, disappear, take the form of any human, and can easily move from one place to another! Jinnat also lives in a human way! Like getting married, having children, and dying, but their world is different from the human world!

How many types of Jinn or Jinnat are there?

Jinnat looks very less in their true form! Mostly they wears human trunks! To understand their world more closely, Jinn or Jinnat is divided into five categories. Different types of genes have different powers and cause harm to humans on the strength of their powers. 

1. Marid jinn [marid jinn]

Marid is the most dangerous and powerful species of jinn! You must have heard them many times in tales and stories! The same genie was also featured in the popular story Aladdin’s lamp. They can be found in the sea or in open water. Jinnats can also be seen flying in the air!

2. Ifrit Jinn

Just like the human world, there is a world of ifrit jinns too! In which both female Ifrit and male Ifrit live together. Ifrit Jinnat has the power to understand human beings. Ifrit Jinnat very soon make humans their friends 1 Ifrits are good as well as bad, but believing in them can prove to be fatal!

3. Sila Jinn [Shila Jinn]

Sila Jinn can only be a woman! Such jinns come into existence after the death of a woman. Shila the genie is very beautiful! But it mostly stays away from the human world. These genies are very rare! But mentally they are very strong and strong.

4. Ghoul Jinn [Ghul Jinn]  

These jinns appear around the cemetery! These jinns eat human flesh and are very dangerous and very cruel. His face resembles that of Satan. It can be very dangerous for humans!

5. Vetala Jinn

These jinns drink human blood like vampires and survive by drinking human blood. The story of Vikram Betaal also finds mention of this Betaal. This jinn can see both the past and the future! He can go to the past whenever he wants.

Some people try to control Jinno by means. Such persons subdue Jinno in order to fulfill any of their evil intentions. But most of the people fail in this and lose their lives. And after death, they become a part of Jinno’s world and wander for thousands of years.

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