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What are the causes of brain tumors?

Brain Tumor Day is being observed around the world today to raise awareness about brain tumors and how to prevent them. According to a study, 3.5 million people were diagnosed with brain tumors last year.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of women with brain tumors is much higher than the number of men. Will exceed

There are two types of brain tumors, one cancerous and one non-cancerous.

Non-cancerous brain tumor

This is a low-grade tumor, which means they grow slowly and are less likely to return after treatment.

Cancerous brain tumor

They are deadly and either start in the brain. They start from somewhere else and spread to the brain. They are very likely to come back after treatment.

According to experts, the exact causes of brain tumors have not been determined yet, but many external and genetic factors can cause this disease.

There are a number of reasons for this.

The risk of brain tumors increases with age, while some brain tumors also occur in children.

Children or adults who already have cancer may develop a brain tumor.

Radiation can also cause brain tumors. People who have had radiotherapy, too many CT scans or X-rays of their head are at risk for brain tumors.

HIV / AIDS patients are twice as likely to develop brain tumors as the general population.


Brain tumors are treated according to age and disease status, including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.



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