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GLONASS is an abbreviated form of the second GPS system, made in Russia. The system was launched in 1982 and since then it has been modified until GLONASS K2. Another version of the same GPS system is still under development and is expected to launch in 2025. The system’s job is to determine the nearest location of your mobile phone. Performance is enhanced through a chipset, housed in your smartphone.

Difference of GLONASS from GPS

GPS is a locator developed by the US, but the same network is not used by Russia. They use separate trackers and that is done through separate sets of satellites. The operation of the two systems is almost the same, but the resources used in them are completely different. Some distinctive features in the system are as follows:

  • GPS uses 31 satellites to locate specific locations, while GLONASS uses 24 satellite views, as of now. It keeps increasing, as new versions come out.

  • The distance at which the satellites are located and where they are viewing the position are also different. Where GPS is located at an orbital altitude of nearly 19 thousand km, GLONASS is located at a distance of over 21 thousand km. Therefore, the periphery or locus defining the locations will be different.

  • The encoding type of GPS is CDMA, while the encoding type of GLONASS is FDMA. This makes a big difference in the application of the devices. The difference in frequency of the two applications is also there.

  • There are several advantages of using GLONASS over GPS. Where it is easier to fund a location using GPS, GLONASS has a higher level of accuracy. Location tracking is made better by the Russian Federation generator app. How accurate is the GLONASS system id 2 meters more than GPS. This indicates an increase in the use of the system in the future.

Cost and Use

The cost of the GLONASS system is higher than that of the GPS system. The government and the Russian Federation are trying their best to reduce the cost of the system, and they constantly update this system after rigorous research. Previously location was only tracked via GPS. From the iPhone 4S, both systems are used to track location and get accurate temperatures and other details.

Developing projects

The best thing this development has done is increase the accuracy of Google maps. Real-time tracking of locations and other support is easier for Google, when GLONASS is there to support the GPS tracking system. There are three other systems in development. One of them is from Europe, where 30 satellites will work to provide the feed, China with 35 satellites ready to be launched by 2020. India is developing one satellite in ISRO, All will be released this year. So tracking will be made easier and even more sensitive. Would be ideal to limit crime, but before that there must be accuracy in different feeds.

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