What is Signal App? Best Whatsapp’s Alternative Signal App

Signal app is like any other messaging app but this app is very secure as compared to other apps. And everyone wants their data to be safe. The tagline of the Signal app is “say hello to privacy hai”, due to which the Signal app is being seen as an alternative to WhatsApp.

Signal app is becoming very popular these days, the reason is security as soon as whatsapp has brought new privacy rule in which the terms of sharing user’s data will have to be accepted otherwise you will not be able to use whatsapp.

So now which is the best alternative app of WhatsApp, people are paying more attention towards it.

And just now, the world’s richest person Elon musk himself has told on twitter, “Use Signal”, it means that if you want security, then switch on the signal app.

As soon as Elon Musk twitted, so far the downloads of the same signal app have exceeded 10 million.

After all there is only signal app which you can do it comfortably without any tension, this app will have everything that is in whatsapp and there is also end to end security which till now was also in whatsapp.

What is Signal App?

Signal app provides end to end encryption security which has been developed by signal messenger or signal foundation company. In Signal app you can send images, videos, files, documents in all these formats.

Like other apps, you can also share one to one or group message in signal app. But the best feature of this app is end to end security.

How to download Signal app?

Signal app is a valid legal app and you can easily download it from play store and ios user hai to apple store if you are android user.

This apk is about 133 mb for Android users and 96 mb for iOS. If you see the size of the app, then it is not that much, you can easily download it using your mobile data.

Signal vs whatsapp. Is signal app better than whatsapp?

Signal app is considered to be the best and very safe app in terms of data security. Because these apps do not store or access any user’s data on their own.


This feature is what makes this app the best, which whatsapp has removed the same end to end encryption feature.

Some special features of Signal app

Linked devices: Signal allows users to use the platform on as many devices as possible, unlike WhatsApp. You can use the Signal app on your phone, laptop, tablet or any other device at the same time. Multi-device feature is also coming soon.

Group video calls on desktop: Unlike WhatsApp, Signal also offers an option for video group calls on desktop. Only on mobile app. However, there is no group voice call option. The process is very easy, all you have to do is select the contacts, add a name to the group and click on the video icon.

End to end encryption : Like WhatsApp, all messages exchanged over Signal are end-to-end encrypted. This means that your data is completely secure and no third person can read it.

Dark Mode : Signal also offers Dark and Light Mode options. The interface can be changed to Light or Dark whenever necessary by going to the Settings menu, Click on Appearance, Enable Dark/Light theme.

Read receipts : This feature is similar to whatsapp, in which the message is sent and the person in front reads it, then blue tick and if it is delivered then double tick.

Whatsapp co-founder had invested in signal app

After leaving WhatsApp, Brian Acton had invested 50 million dollars. And signal is a non profit organization. The entire development cost of Signal app goes on investment and donation.


What is the group capacity of Signal app? How many maximum group members can I add in Signal app?

You can add 150 members to the signal app ‘s group.

When was the Signal app launched?

Signal app was launched in 2014.

Is signal app available on play store?

Yes, it is available on play store as well as apple store and desktop.

Is signal app safe?

Yes, your data is absolutely safe in the signal app.

Who is the ceo / owner of Signal app?

Signal Foundation is co-founded by WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton and Marlinspike.

For which platform or OS is the Signal app available?


Which country is the Signal app from? What is the country of the Signal app?

Signal app origin country is USA

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