Thursday, August 18, 2022

Whatever decisions the Punjab Chief Minister will take are protected under the Constitution and the law: Federal Minister for Information

The Federal Minister for Information, while pointing out the reporting of the decision of the Lahore High Court regarding the election of the Chief Minister of Punjab, said that the media misreported the decision of the High Court, on which responsibility will have to be taken.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Maryam Aurangzeb said that Imran Khan had been the Prime Minister for four years, who had all the powers as the Chief Executive of Pakistan. What

He said that there was an East Recovery Unit in the Prime Minister’s House and despite all these powers, today he was mourning his incompetence, incompetence and failure.

Criticizing former PM Imran Khan, he said that he had been in the government for 4 years only accusing and blaming others for theft, abuse of power and money laundering but for 4 years he had all the records, all the institutions. Used nexus with NAB and FIA.

Maryam Aurangzeb said that she even used the anti-narcotics department to fabricate cases against her political opponents and put the death penalty in the mill and kept the media people in jail through the NAB.

He said that after being the Prime Minister for 4 years, today they are saying that such and such is the biggest dacoit or NAB amendments are to cover up their theft, then it is an accusation, please take your false cases to Lahore High Court and Supreme Court. Read the decisions and you did not challenge those decisions.

He said that in all the decisions and decisions of Khawaja Saad Rafique, the Supreme Court has written that NAB is being used for political engineering, it is a violation of human rights and this is the political revenge that Imran Khan did for 4 years. ۔

He said he sent all the records to the National Crime Agency but was slapped from there and said there was no money laundering.

The Information Minister said that he had called David Rose to set up a storage plant and Shehzad Akbar was placed on the East Recovery Unit for the same purpose which was originally Imran Khan’s East Making Unit.

He said that all these evidences are part of the official record at present but still allegations are being made today. Withdrew the appeal filed against the bail, which meant that the decision was correct that there was no money laundering and corruption.

He said that the question for the people of Pakistan is that if Imran Khan came to know about the global conspiracy through cipher on March 8, then why the commission of inquiry against global conspiracy was not started and why the assembly was not dissolved. Why was the announcement not made?

He said that when the no-confidence motion against him was successful, then the conspiracy was remembered, then he always asked Neutral to intervene, this is unconstitutional.

The Federal Minister for Information said that I am saying as a correction that when the decision of the High Court came in Punjab today, the media misreported the decision and conveyed different news to the people from the decision and details, it is not a good tradition.

He said that it falls under the category of misinformation and misinformation, misleading the public, decision is one thing and reporting is another thing, it is a very illegal act, this responsibility has to be taken.

Maryam Aurangzeb said that according to the decision of the Lahore High Court regarding the election, the election of Hamza Shahbaz was not annulled and he was not removed from office and Bazdar was not reinstated.

He said that under Article 130 Section 4 of the Constitution, there is a continuation of the last election, in which the Chief Minister has to be elected by majority vote. No re-voting will take place till 4 pm tomorrow.

He said that till tomorrow whatever decisions Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz would take, he has protection under the constitution and law.

Criticizing PTI, he said that they are making a fuss first and say that democracy and law have won today but after 6 minutes they are changing their statements and saying that they will go to the Supreme Court, where the Supreme Court You have a certificate of unconstitutionality.

He said that not only did you inflate prices but you have robbed the people of Pakistan of their money in every sector, now your spectacle should stop, the people should also know that he was the elected Prime Minister for 4 years. Is.

Accusing former Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Information Minister said that it is in his personal interest to distribute diamonds using Farah Gogi, buy lands, rob every appointment and posting, it is in his personal interest to give money to Bani Gala. Use it, rob cartels and mafias by sitting in ministries and today we and the people are suffering the consequences.



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