What’s so significant about a goat’s head? ”

Whats so significant about a goats head

Take a look at the picture above and guess why it is so popular in the internet world.

Any guesses? If not here’s a new product just for you! In fact, the face you are looking at is not real, but is made using real engine technology.

This tool is used to create real looking digital world human beings or virtual individuals.

Krafton is known for the PubG game, but now it has stepped into a different field and developed a virtual girl named Anna.

According to the company, Anna will be instrumental in setting up its Web3 ecosystem. “We expect Anna to be popular with young people around the world,” the company said. The virtual girl will also release her music track in the near future and according to the company will be useful in various fields of entertainment and e-sports.

By the way, this concept is not new, such digital characters have already appeared in music videos and video games.

But the crafton company wants to improve its game characters by stepping into this field of technology. The company said more details about Anna would be released sometime this year.

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