WhatsApp introduces another important feature

WhatsApp introduces another important feature

WhatsApp has decided that sooner or later a double number verification system like Gmail will be introduced to secure the account.

A feature similar to the verification code on phone numbers to protect WhatsApp accounts from fraud and hacking will soon be unveiled, according to WABTA Info, a WhatsApp insider website.

WhatsApp’s main meta company has taken this step after hackers, phishers and other criminals hacked people’s accounts last year. Under this, whenever you leave the traditional phone and open the WhatsApp on another phone, the code sent to your number will be required.

This will increase your control over the WhatsApp account, which will be more secure. On the other hand, the code will be allowed to be added at a specific time. After entering the code, just like Gmail, the news of activation of WhatsApp on the original phone of the owner will also be sent. This system is being used successfully for Google Accounts.

However, no further details and release date have been announced.

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