WhatsApp introduces feature to recover deleted messages

WhatsApp introduces feature to recover deleted messages

The popular social networking application WhatsApp has introduced a feature to recover deleted messages, which has fulfilled the heart-felt desire of the users.

According to the report of the website WhatsApp Beta Info, this feature has been introduced for a few Android users who are beta testers, this feature is currently being tested and therefore not accessible to other users yet.

What is this feature?

Many times when you send a wrong message, you want to ‘delete for everyone’ but by mistake it becomes ‘delete for me’, in which case you are completely helpless and the person to whom the message is sent reads it. Is.

Now under this feature, if you have deleted the above message for me, suddenly you will receive a notification on your screen which will read ‘Undo (Decision Canceling)’, by clicking on it, the message will appear again on the screen. and you will be able to ‘Delete for Everyone’.

How to get this feature?

Go to the play store and update the WhatsApp beta version, if this feature does not appear on your WhatsApp despite the update, understand that you are not one of those lucky users.

According to WhatsApp, this feature will be rolled out globally in the coming weeks.

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