Friday, August 12, 2022

Wheat Crisis, Flour Price Reaches Rs 100 Per Kg In Karachi

Due to the wheat crisis in the province, the price of flour in Karachi has reached Rs. 100 per kg. Due to shortage of wheat, production process in Karachi flour mills has been reduced by 30%. If this situation continues, there will be severe flour crisis in Karachi.

In this regard, an emergency meeting of Pakistan Flour Mills Association was held under the chairmanship of Chairman Haji Muhammad Yousuf in which it was informed that the price of 100 kg sack of wheat in the market has gone up to Rs. 7200 due to which the price of flour continues to rise. Is.

The reason for the wheat crisis in the province is the failure of the food department to achieve the procurement target of wheat when the wheat crop arrives. Shopping nearby.

The federal government took stern notice of the 50 per cent shortfall in wheat procurement in Sindh as Pasco and the Punjab Food Department had procured as per their target, after which the Sindh government suddenly initiated action against the wheat stockists.

When the wheat crop came in the market in March, the field officers of the department took a bribe of Rs.



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