When The Prime Minister Was Ousted Through Conspiracy, The Nation Took To The Streets: Imran Khan

When the Prime Minister was ousted through conspiracy the nation

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that the big bandits were gathered under the American conspiracy. Go out and tell the conspirators that we are a living and free nation.

He said this while addressing a public meeting organized by PTI. He said that my Gujranwala Islamabad is ready for the march, the big dacoits of Pakistan have stood aside, I thank Allah it is called revolution.

The former Prime Minister said that after playing cricket for 21 years, he had never seen so many people in the stadium. I had no idea that there are so many people in Gujranwala. I thank the people of Gujranwala. The big mafia, the bandits are on one side and the nation is on the other side. The big bandits, the mafias suck the blood of the people through the corrupt system.

Imran Khan said that the elected government was toppled by the big bandits through American conspiracy. First there is conspiracy then there is intervention. When it was taken out through conspiracy, the nation took to the streets.

The former prime minister said that our nation is a living nation, a free nation, that is why it is on the streets today, calling on Islamabad to thwart the American conspiracy, our government was removed at a time when I was growing, the highest exports in the history of Pakistan took place in our era, in our era exports increased by 26%.

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