Who Is Being Threatened By These Bloody March Threats: Hamza Shahbaz

Who is being threatened by these bloody march threats Hamza

Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz has said that Imran Khan is telling neutrals to whom?

Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz while talking to media after the funeral prayers of the martyred police officer said that the deceased constable has 5 children and I have seen tears in the eyes of the child. Look at the shape of Imran Khan policeman’s child. The decision I made yesterday was the thought of a Pakistani and as a citizen I ask what kind of politics is this? There will be a bloody march. What message are they sending?

He said that Imran Khan was threatening whom he had gone to kill the constitution and law. He used to say make a spectacle of law and constitution but save my ego and today Pakistan’s economy is sobbing.

Hamza Shahbaz said that Imran Khan again announced a 126 day spectacle. In the past, 52 billion projects were to be inaugurated and the Chinese President could not come to Pakistan because of Imran Khan.

He said that it was better for the constitutional government to drop an atomic bomb on the country. I am a political man, I will not take revenge and every time I have been saying that the law will come into action. Hold rallies but anarchy under the guise of politics will not be allowed and if the country is attacked in the guise of democracy then the law will come into force.

The Punjab Chief Minister said that Imran Khan had gone too far in the fire of revenge and who was Imran Khan calling neutrals? Making Pakistan a republic is not a election that you want. What gift has Imran Khan given to the people apart from hunger and poverty? He who does not have a heart in his heart is ashamed to be called a human being.

He said that he saluted the martyrs of Pakistan Army, Rangers and security agencies. Imran Khan slammed the institutions and the constitution of Pakistan will move for the protection of the country. In Murree, 21 people died of cold but Imran Khan was not able to go there.

Hamza Shahbaz said that who are they scaring with the threats of bloody march while PTI had attacked the red zone in the dark of night in 2014. Imran Khan is not ashamed of how to name his sister and daughters.

He said that it has been 2 months but it is not known when the governor will come while talks are being held with IMF tomorrow and he announced May 25 Coalition March. He has spread the fire of hatred all over Pakistan and Imran Khan has sown the seeds of hatred in his workers. The false claimant of the state of Madinah should be ashamed.

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