Why are the British people finally crazy about rolling?

Why are the British people finally crazy about rolling

After a two-year hiatus, the game of human rolling with cheese, called ‘cheese rolling’, will now begin again in the UK.

Every year since 1826 there has been a competition in the air and green space of England in which a piece of cheese is rolled down a steep hill like a round wheel and people run after it. During this time young people get injured, rub and fall. However, thousands of people come here every year to see it. Now this competition is taking place this Sunday.

Outside the town of Gloucester, four kilograms of cheese will be rolled out from the very top of the lush Coopers Hill, as well as a 200-foot slope. It is impossible to run up and down the slope, and people stumble and fall.

Interestingly, the local rugby club’s trained players stand at the bottom and are called ‘stoppers’ because they handle the people coming down from above. This way many people avoid serious injuries. The reason for this is that the round box of cheese goes down at a speed of 70 km per hour and man cannot accompany it. However, the first player to reach the bottom after the cheese is declared the winner.

Sometimes a large piece of cheese is also given as a reward.

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