Friday, August 12, 2022

Why can multiple barcodes be dangerous?

The more times an individual becomes infected with the corona virus, the greater the risk of long-term complications of the cod.

This was stated by an official of the World Health Organization.

David Nabarro, the World Health Organization’s special envoy for Code 19, said in an interview: “Being infected with Code more than once can make you more unlucky because the risk of Long Code increases, and none of us Can’t be wanted because it’s a very serious problem. “

He added that as a result of long code, people face various medical problems for months and their quality of life is greatly affected.

The term long code is used when a patient with code 19 has experienced various symptoms for several weeks or months. These symptoms often disappear but then return.

David Nabaro said that getting sick with the code many times does not increase immunity against the disease because the virus is constantly changing, but also increases the chances of long code.

“Overall, we are still going through the epidemic and it is not over, but we feel that we have gone through this stage, which is why we do not take precautions,” he said.



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