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Why does climbing stairs cause shortness of breath?

Do you get short of breath after climbing stairs or feel like it’s getting harder to breathe?

If this happens, you are not alone, in fact, athletes competing in marathons also face this problem. That is, climbing the stairs and going up a few floors also makes them out of breath, as 4-time World Championship winning athlete Emilia Boni said in a tweet.

Our body works differently when climbing stairs compared to running on the ground and this is mainly due to the muscles.

According to Timothy J. Michael, a professor at the University of Michigan, each muscle in our body has two types of individual muscle fibers, slow-twitch and fast-twitch.

These slow-twitch muscle fibers resist fatigue and maintain your body’s performance during long-distance running or similar activities.

Fast-twitch muscle fibers work when the body has to perform a quick, vigorous action, such as jumping or climbing stairs.

Professor Timothy J. Michael said that stair climbing is a demanding activity for the body, requiring more strength and power, so fast-twitch muscle fibers are needed for this purpose.

Frank White, a physiologist and professor at Midwestern State University, said that while climbing stairs, the body’s sensitivity to carbon dioxide and hydrogen increases, resulting in the faster you get tired the more you move.

In simple words, in such conditions, the body starts to find it difficult to breathe even with very little physical activity.

But sweating while climbing stairs does not mean that you are not physically fit, in fact fit people sweat quickly to keep the body cool.

You may not know but our body is designed to walk on surfaces so when you climb stairs you are working against gravity in a way.

According to experts, while climbing stairs, you are moving upwards and also lifting your body weight.

That’s why climbing stairs requires more muscles because you’re fighting against gravity and lifting your knees up repeatedly, he said.

During a race, people prepare their bodies with various exercises, in fact, a pre-workout warm-up is essential to prepare the body for work while increasing oxygen flow.

On the contrary, when climbing the stairs in everyday life, you do not prepare for it, when your muscles are not ready to climb the stairs to the 3rd or 5th floor. There is shortness of breath and temporary difficulty in breathing.

If you participate in running events, it activates the muscles of the calves, etc., but climbing stairs activates muscles that the body does not normally use.

For this reason, climbing stairs is also difficult and proves to be heavy on the lungs.

According to experts, you can run long distances, but climbing a few stairs carrying your own body weight can prove to be very difficult.

Well, it is difficult to say how many stairs a person can complain of shortness of breath after climbing, some people climb up to 4 floors without difficulty, some get tired after only 2 floors.

In fact, when the body feels that it is consuming too much oxygen, as a result, it starts to feel tired and short of breath.



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