Woman Arrested For Defrauding Citizens Of Crores Of Rupees

Woman arrested for defrauding citizens of crores of rupees

A woman was arrested from Karachi for defrauding citizens of crores of rupees. The accused kept opening accounts in different banks on fake documents.

According to police, the woman along with her husband committed fraud of crores of rupees from the citizens on which a case was registered against the accused in Kohsar police station and Kohsar police took action in Karachi after the accused were identified.

Police said that the accused used to open accounts in different banks on the basis of forged documents and used to give spiritual accounts and advise people to sell their properties.

According to the police, the accused were involved in fraud from several people while the accused took Rs 32 crore from a citizen in various ways.

Police said that after the arrest of the woman from Karachi, the accused has been shifted to Islamabad.

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