Tuesday, August 9, 2022

World record for walking 5 km with guitar on chin

David Rush, a celebrity working on the educational significance of science and technology in the United States, has set a new record by balancing a heavy guitar on his chin and covering a distance of more than five and a half kilometers.

David, who hails from Idaho, has had several major breakthroughs and set more than 250 Guinness World Records. Despite all these records, he is constantly trying new fields and records. Their aim is to inculcate science in the youth.

Now, in a new endeavor, he has covered a long distance of five and a half kilometers, keeping the guitar straight on his chin, which has been completed in a race. It took him an hour and seven minutes to make this record. Even after that the guitar rolled and fell but by that time he had set his own record.

David said that he had to face the wind several times while walking with the guitar on his face and it was very difficult to balance at that time. On one occasion, he felt dizzy after keeping his head high, but he did not give up and continued his journey.



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