Yasin Malik’s life sentence is a biased decision, Mashaal Malik

Yasin Maliks life sentence is a biased decision Mashaal Malik

Mashaal Malik, wife of Occupied Kashmir Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik, termed the life sentence of Yasin Malik as a biased decision.

Mashaal Malik says that we will not sit idly by with the biased decision of the Indian Supreme Court. We will continue the freedom struggle. My daughter and I are all ready for the freedom struggle. We are not afraid of death, whatever we do. Do it

Yasin Malik’s wife says that he has never seen a braver person than Yasin Malik in the century. Yasin Malik looked him in the eye and said that he would not beg for his life. He is barred from going to the International Court of Justice.

He said that sentencing Yasin Malik to life imprisonment was tantamount to violating justice. It is not just a matter of Kashmiris, we will all go ahead in the struggle.

He said that I demand that the face of Narendra Modi be shown to the world. People in occupied Kashmir are shedding tears of blood. So-called operations are being carried out to suppress the independence movement. India attributes the movement to terrorism. That is wrong. India has not been able to suppress the Kashmir movement.

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